Concord metal siding installations begin with a call to Metal Building Company.  We are the metal siding contractors who have been serving the Concord area since the mid 70’s, and we have the experience and expertise you need for your metal siding installation or metal siding repair in Concord CA.


Metal Siding Applications

Metal siding can be used on almost any building, not only on buildings with metal frame construction.  If your Concord metal siding installation is for a new building, we can work with you to design the perfect solution to match the style and architecture of your facility.  Likewise, if you are replacing the siding on an older building, we can help you achieve the building look that you are aiming for. 


Why Choose Metal Siding?

There are a number of advantages to a metal siding installation in Concord CA.  When it comes to metal siding, we want you to know you have options.  If you need a metal building repair, we can match the siding on your building to a wide selection of colors and styles.  One of the outstanding properties of metal siding is that it can stand up to nature’s challenges.  Metal siding is tough and with minimal care it can outlast other siding applications.  It is also an environmentally friendly choice because our siding is made from steel, a recyclable building material. 


Concord Metal Siding Repairs

Along with new siding installations, we also specialize in metal siding repair.  If your siding has been damaged, has excessively aged in particular sections, or is causing problems from being improperly installed by another company, we can help.  Over the years we have seen, and fixed, it all!  Metal Building Company has you covered for any type of metal siding repair in Concord CA. 


A Trusted Partner

For almost 5 decades, Metal Building Company has provided top-quality metal siding installation and repairs.  In that time, we have built the confidence of the building community who not only have given us awards for our work, but also make us the first call when they need top-quality metal siding installations and repairs.  In addition to metal siding repairs and installations, we are also solely focused as metal building contractors.  As a result, we have developed quite an expertise when it comes to metal building design, installation, updates, and repairs.

Give Us A Call

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