A new San Jose custom metal roof is one of the best investments you can make in the upkeep of your building.  Metal Building Company has been supplying and repairing custom metal roofs to the Bay Area since the mid 70’s, and we can meet all your custom metal roofing needs.


The Custom Metal Roof Choice

You might be surprised to learn that Custom metal roofs in San Jose can be installed on any type of building, not just metal buildings.  We work across-the-board with many different businesses to protect their unique property from the elements.  Our custom metal roofs are perfect for:

  • Businesses that require 24-hour run times in their manufacturing plants
  • Educational buildings with performance arts centers and large auditoriums
  • Agricultural buildings that store food and provide shelter
  • Office buildings with multiple tenant units
  • Retail buildings with skylights
  • And many more!


Our expertly built custom metal roofs in San Jose CA have numerous qualities that make them a reliable and cost-effective roofing solution.  Our custom metal roofs are designed to last longer than traditional roofing systems.  As a result, you can expect to get thirty plus years out of your custom metal roof.  We also have come a long way in the architectural design of metal roofs.  We have the ability to create a highly functional roof that also makes a statement for all who see your building.  We can also help you move to green power for your facility.  Our San Jose custom metal roof designers and installers are trained and equipped to integrate solar power in your metal roof.  Not only that, but we can also retrofit your roof for new HVAC systems, pipes, lighting, and more!


Bay Area Experience You Can Count On

Founded over 45 years ago, Metal Building Company’s service to those needing the best San Jose custom metal roofs and metal roof repairs has been met with deep appreciation.  Having received multiple industry awards and outstanding reviews from customers and industry peers, Metal Building Company is proud to offer you our expertise in custom metal roofs.

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