For all your San Jose metal roof contractors needs, Metal Building Company is the experienced choice.  We have been serving the San Jose area for over 45 years, providing our customers with long-lasting metal roofs installed on a wide-variety of building types. 


The Metal Roof Advantage

As the trusted San Jose metal roof contractor, we can install a durable, cost-effective solution for your roof. Our roofs typically last over 30 years which is much longer than traditional asphalt tile roofs.  Metal roofs stand up to the toughest climate challenges that California has to offer.  As metal roof contractors in San Jose CA, we install metal roofs in a variety of styles and colors on both metal buildings and wood frame buildings. Because steel is recyclable, metal roofs are a terrific green building option that reduces the impact on the environment.  They are also easily modified to accommodate solar panels helping you to further reduce costs.


All Things Metal

Metal Building Company provides the full range of services for metal roofs and for metal buildings themselves. If you are having leaks or other problems with a metal roof installed by someone else, we can correct any faulty installation issues.  We also repair and reconfigure metal roofs according to the evolving needs of your building.  We are the San Jose metal roof contractors who do it all! 


Signs That Your Roof Needs Inspection

Don’t miss the warning signs that let you know it’s time for a metal roof repair.  Here are some of the things our metal roof contractors encourage you to look out for:

• Rust Spots

• Rainwater Leaks

• Vibrating Sounds in Windy Weather

• Visible Areas of Separation Between Panels


Trusted Experience

Metal Building Company has been serving as metal roof contractors in San Jose CA for years.  We started in 1976 with a focus on the Bay Area that continues today.  Those who work with us stick around. It’s common to have tenure of 10 years or more.  We credit our hard-working team for leading us to success.  Our own industry has given us the Excellence in Design award six times!  Even more important to us, we have helped protect local businesses, non-profits, governments, and industries with exceptional metal roofs delivered by our skilled, reliable metal roof craftsmen.  Our aim and passion is to be the metal roof contractors people select in San Jose and throughout the Bay Area.

Give Us A Call

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For a free inspection and estimate, or to talk about new roof solutions, call us today at 510-635-0111.  For the best in metal roof results, it’s time to call the San Jose metal roof contractors who can get the job done.  It’s time for Metal Building Company.

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