For the best, long-lasting roofing solution people rely on Metal Building Company for their Concord custom metal roofs.  We at Metal Building Company are proud to offer you our highly trained and qualified staff capable of delivering the best quality and longest lasting custom metal roof installations and repairs since our formation in 1976.


Why Invest In A Custom Metal Roof

Why would you choose a custom metal roof in Concord CA for your building.  When considering a metal roof, you need to know what your investment will give you.  Here are several reasons why choosing a Concord custom metal roof is a sound financial decision:

  • Longevity – Metal roofs last thirty plus years.
  • Toughness – Metal roofs are hydrophobic and resist the common problems that other roofing systems are plagued by.
  • Efficient – Metal roofs act as a radiant heat block and can be set up to give you more energy efficiency to keep your HVAC system running longer.
  • Earth Friendly – Metal roofs are made from recycled material with no harmful materials unlike asphalt shingles.
  • Easy maintenance – Metal roofs require little maintenance once installed giving you the protection you deserve for years to come.


Metal Roof Repairs

In addition to Concord custom metal roofs, we also perform any type of repair or adaptations needed for your current metal roof.  We can fix the loose or leaking panels and fix improper installations performed by other metal roofing companies.  And if your roof needs a new skylight or mechanical opening, Metal Building Company has you covered. 


Trusted Experience

Metal Building Company is committed to producing the best custom metal roofs in Concord CA, and our customers have given us great reviews over the last 45 years in business.  We have built a strong, highly trained team that has been together for decades, giving us one of the most experienced construction teams in our region.  Over the years we have installed custom metal roofs on every type of building imaginable, and we’ve repaired all types of metal roofing issues.  We have become a trusted part of the construction community, and we have the professional service and expertise you need.

Give Us A Call

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Call us to tell us about your need for a custom metal roof at 510-635-0111 and we’ll begin our work with a free evaluation and estimate.  Let’s get your new Concord custom metal roof underway!

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