When you’re looking for a Concord industrial metal roof repair contractor to fix your roof, help can’t come quickly enough!  The Metal Building Company specializes in industrial roof repairs, and we don’t rely on subcontractors.  We have assembled a team that can handle any industrial metal roof repair in Concord CA, and have been getting metal roofs back in order since the mid 70’s.


Superior Industrial Roof Repair Services

When you call us to fix your metal roof problem, we will send one of our experienced staff to give you a free roof inspection to determine what repairs are needed.  For the almost half a century that we’ve been in business, our team has successfully completed every kind of Concord industrial metal roof repair you can imagine.   We have fixed damage from severe storms, rust failure, fire damage, and even poor installations by other metal roof contractors from out of town.  There is no job our team can’t handle. 


Every customer gets our best price upfront.  Along with that comes our long history of delivering the highest quality for your industrial metal roof repair in Concord CA, so you can be certain that it will last.  Each repair job we complete is inspected to make sure that it is done right.  If you need more than your industrial roof repaired, you don’t have to go looking for another metal building contractor.  Our vision is to provide all the metal building help our customers expect from us.  That means if you want to add a new metal building on your property, make changes to your existing building, need structural repairs, or need to make some mechanical changes to your roof we can help you on all fronts. If it has to do with a metal building, we’ve got you covered.


Experienced Service

Metal Building Company is an award-winning contractor that delivers the best quality industrial metal roof repairs in Concord CA.  There isn’t another metal building contractor who can match our experience nor our customer service.  Whether you need metal roof repairs or any of our other services, we look forward to satisfying you as our next customer. 

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