When you need metal roof repairs or an installation of a new metal roof, you want Concord metal roof contractors that you can trust.  We at Metal Building Company have been serving the Bay Area with top quality metal roof repairs and installations for almost 5 decades.


The Metal Roof Choice

If you need a metal roof contractor in Concord CA who consistently delivers repairs, modifications, and upgrades for our areas metal roofs, reach out to us.  We can fix any metal roof problem and help you get the full lifespan out of your current metal roof. 


If you are considering installing a new metal roof, you are about to make a great choice for the long-term value of your building.  As metal roof contractors in Concord CA, we have installed metal roofs on all types and styles of buildings.  We have a wide selection of metal roofing styles and colors to match your needs.  One of the great advantages of metal roofs is that they are resistant to some of the worst that our California climate throws at them.  These roofs also help mitigate your building’s impact on the environment.  Steel is recyclable, making it a green building material.  Our roofs can also be configured to be energy-efficient, saving you heating and cooling costs throughout the year.  Metal roofs are also well-suited for solar panels which can save you even more money in the long run. 


Metal Roof Contractors…And More!

Metal Building Company can meet all your metal roofing needs.  In addition to being the Concord metal roof contractors of choice, we also specialize in all aspects of metal buildings—from repair and modifications of existing buildings to the design and construction of new metal buildings. 


A Bay Area Leader In Metal Roofs

For over 45 years, we have been serving as metal roof contractors in Concord CA and the surrounding areas.  Many of our employees have been with us for decades, giving us the experience and expertise to address any challenge our customers are facing.  We have seen, fixed, modified, and built it all!

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To find out the best solution to your metal roof repair or installation need, contact our team today at 510-635-0111.  We can give you a free inspection of your metal roof, and if work needs to be done, we will give you an estimate as well.  Discover why Metal Building Company is the best Concord metal roof contractors you will find!

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