Is your business is growing out of its current space and you are looking for the right Concord pre-engineered metal building contractor to help?  Metal Building Company is the Bay Area’s premiere metal building contractor for design, construction, and metal building repairs.  We offer the complete range of services for all your pre-engineered metal buildings in Concord CA including:

• Building your metal building to your specifications

Designing your new pre-engineered metal buildings to be in sync with your purposes

• Modifying your existing pre-engineered metal buildings to adapt to your current manufacturing processes

• Installing and repairing metal roofs and metal siding that has been damaged or poorly installed


The Difference an Expertly Built Pre-engineered Metal Building in Concord CA Can Make

Metal Building Company was founded in 1976 as a local business designed to serve the community by building the highest quality Concord pre-engineered metal buildings.  Since our inception, we have worked hard to earn our strong reputation as the metal building leaders who can do it all.  We give our businesses and our community the spaces they deserve.  We delight in designing, repairing, constructing, and modifying all kinds of metal buildings for all kinds of uses.  If you need a durable Concord pre-engineered metal building, you can trust us to build exactly what you need with superior craftsmanship and at a fair price. 


When we build a metal building for you, we make sure that you get a quality product.  We don’t subcontract our work out.  Our building designs, repairs, and construction are all part of the Metal Building Team.  A large part of our team has been with us over a decade or more giving us a competitive advantage to work quickly without cutting corners.  We know the golden rule, and our business operates by it.  We also stand by our work by offering a 1-year guarantee on all our labor as well back all the manufacturer guarantees on the materials we use.  We also bring all our professionalism, experience, and expertise to every pre-engineered metal building project we work on.

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