Fremont Custom Metal Roofs from Metal Building Company give you exceptional quality for a fair price.  We started our company in 1976, and we have been installing and repairing custom metal roofs in the Fremont area ever since.  Over the last 5 decades, we have developed the experience and professional expertise to meet all your custom roofing needs.


Compatible Buildings

We are able to install our custom metal roofs in Fremont CA on all types of buildings, not only on metal frame construction.  Custom metal roofs are ideal for:

  • Manufacturing Plants and Auto-body Shops
  • Large Storage Warehouses
  • Farming Storehouses
  • Commercial Buildings
  • And Much More.


Custom Metal Roof Repairs

Along with our Fremont custom metal roofs, we also perform all types of metal roof repairs and modifications.  We have helped customers whose metal roofs were improperly installed, and we’ve fixed issues ranging from leaks, rust, and aging issues.    Metal Building Company also specializes in metal roof modifications as your building needs change over time.  We can modify your roof for skylights, create new mechanical openings, and more. 


Metal Building Company Difference

We have over 45 years of experience building and repairing custom metal roofs in Fremont CA.  Many of our employees have been with us over 10 years, making us one of the most experienced construction companies in the region.  Metal Building Company is a full-service metal building contractor, so we can help you not only with custom metal roofs but with any metal building projects.  We have worked hard to serve our customers well, and we are one of the most trusted members of the construction community. 

Give Us A Call

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We are ready to help you get started on your Fremont custom metal roof project today.  Call us at 510-635-0111 and we’ll begin with a free inspection and estimate for your new roof.  Put Metal Building Company to work for you today!

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