Not all metal roofing contractors who claim to deliver Fremont metal roof installations and repairs have the guaranteed quality, customer loyalty, and longevity like Metal Building Company does.  We have built our reputation as the preferred metal building contractor who can do it all from roof installations to metal roof repairs in Fremont CA.


The Metal Roof Advantage

You have a number of roofing options for your building, so why choose a Fremont metal roof installation? The answer has to do with the strengths and versatility of metal roofs.  Though metal roofs are a natural fit for metal buildings, they are also used on non-metal buildings as well.  Many people want metal roofs because they are strong enough to last over 30+ years.  Steel is also recyclable, making it a green building material.  You will see metal roof installations in Fremont CA on a wide variety of businesses and other buildings:

  • Warehouse & Manufacturing Buildings
  • Commercial Office Buildings
  • School Auditoriums & Gyms
  • Agricultural Farm Storage Buildings
  • The list of those who need our Fremont metal roof installations are nearly endless!


Fremont metal roof repair services

We want the best for our customers, and many times they don’t need an entire metal roof replacement. What they really need is a roof repair instead.  Over the years, we have given clients metal roof repairs in Fremont CA that not only protect their business or organization, but also leaves them satisfied.  Metal Building Company loves to go above and beyond what people expect from us.  From the time we show up to inspect your building, we are listening to your needs and coming up with solutions and improvements to make your metal building better for you.  If you have additional work that needs to be done to your metal roof like installing updated HVAC curbs, making more space for your mechanical needs, or retrofitting skylights into your metal roof, we can handle those updates along with your Fremont metal roof repair service.

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