If it’s time to think about expanding your current office space or building something new, then it’s time to consider the Fremont pre-engineered metal buildings constructed by Metal Building Company.  We have a long history of helping businesses in our community build their pre-engineered metal buildings ever since we started in the mid 70’s.  We are not like most contractors who parachute in from outside the area to build pre-engineered metal buildings in Fremont CA.  We live and work here, and we consider it our honor to build pre-engineered metal buildings people can count on.


Metal Building Expert Services

That’s why our pre-engineered buildings come with all the service you would expect from a local metal building contractor.  We lend our expertise to the community by offering:

• Structural repairs to property owners whose metal buildings have been damaged

• Start to finish service by helping the property owner begin with an intelligent building design and end with an expertly constructed metal building that lasts

• A Cooperative partnership to work with your existing plans and/or work with your General Contractor to construct a pre-engineered metal building that meets your needs

• Metal siding and metal roof installations and repair for existing metal buildings

• Metal building modifications to improve the functionality of your metal building to meet the current purposes of your business


Advancing your Fremont Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings From Idea to Reality

Our skilled team can provide assistance with every step of the construction process for your pre-engineered metal building in Fremont CA.  If you are starting with only a concept and list of needed features, we can turn that into architectural drawings for a metal building custom-fit to your needs.  Or if you already have plans in hand, we can take those straight to construction.  Because we have perfected all the skills needed as a pre-engineered metal building contractor, we can oversee all aspects of the construction process.  Or, if you are working with a General Contractor on a more extensive project, we can work alongside them for the metal building portion of your project.  We bring our skill, attention to detail, and expertise to every phase of the construction process.


The Metal Building Company Difference

We are a local business that has been serving the Fremont area since 1976.  Over the years we have worked hard to build an exceptional team and satisfied customers.  For your Fremont pre-engineered metal building, we are ready and able to serve you.

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