When you invest in an Oakland custom metal roof for your building, you want it to hold up for a long time.  As a company that has been around for nearly 5 decades, we know what it takes to create custom metal roofs in Oakland CA that can stand the test of time.


Our Oakland custom metal roofs can be installed not only on metal buildings, but on any type of industrial or commercial building.  We install our metal roofs on new buildings as well as on existing buildings needing modifications or repair.  Our steel roofs provide superior benefits to you.  They are impervious to water and rot making your investment last longer than other roof types.  You also can get the benefit of a highly energy efficient roofing system when configured properly.  Metal roofs reflect the sun’s rays making it easier on your HVAC systems to keep your preferred temperature inside.   They also give your building a clean look architecturally which can add curb appeal.  While asphalt roofing shingles are made from toxic materials, steel is a green product that is easy on the environment.  All the custom metal roofs in Oakland CA that Metal Building Company installs are long-lasting, and you can expect to get 30 or more years of life from them.  With all these benefits, it makes it a wise building investment to choose a custom metal roof for your property.


In addition to new metal roof installations, we also repair and retrofit existing custom metal roofs.  We can, for example, modify your metal roof for additional openings or to ready it for solar panels.  We also repair leaks and larger problems stemming from improper metal roof installations by other companies. 


For over 4 decades, Metal Building Company has called Oakland CA its home.  Throughout the years of providing the best custom metal roofs in Oakland CA and metal building construction, we have been honored to win many awards from the construction business associations including winning the Excellence in Building Design award 6 times!  More importantly, we love serving our neighbors in the Bay Area.  Our team loves coming to work to make Metal Building Company the contractor of choice for those looking for installation and repair on their Oakland custom metal roofs.

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So put us to work on your project!  Call Metal Building Company to install your new Oakland custom metal roof or repair your metal roof leak.  Our number is 510-635-0111 and we will gladly give you a free estimate to show you how we can help you with your custom metal roof in Oakland CA.

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