If your building needs an Oakland industrial metal roof repair contractor, you need the services of a licensed, experienced metal building contractor like Metal Building Company.  We are here for all your metal roof repair needs.  We have been serving the industrial community in Oakland since 1976 and we have seen, and repaired, it all!


Warning Signs

There are any number of signs that you may need metal roof repairs in Oakland CA including:

• Obvious signs of dripping or water damage

• Raised edges on metal roof panels

• Rusted or corroded roof sections

• Roof rattling during wind gusts

• Bent or damaged fasteners

• Missing or damaged flashing


Industrial Metal Roof Repairs

If you roof is showing any of these signs of wear or damage, we will quickly come out to your site to provide a free inspection and estimate for any needed repairs.  Over the years, we have served our customers with Oakland industrial metal roof repairs for any number of reasons.  We’ve fixed leaks, replaced rusted panels, repaired storm damage, and more.  In addition to metal roof repairs, we also provide modifications for existing metal roofs.  We have modified roofs for installing skylights, new air vents, mechanical openings, etc.  All these modifications need professional attention to ensure proper fit and weatherproofing. 


Dedicated Service

Metal Building Company has been providing industrial metal roof repairs in Oakland CA since 1976.  Over the decades, we have not only produced the area’s best industrial metal roof repairs, but we also have met the other needs our customers call on us to solve.  Along with our quality industrial metal roof installations and repairs, Metal Building Company has the experienced team to meet all the needs of your metal building including siding installation and repairs, design and construction services for new metal buildings, and changes to your existing metal roofs, siding, and structure.  What pleases us most is that we have been able to do all the above while still focusing on building strong relationships with our customers. 

Give Us A Call

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We know that industrial metal roofing problems can cause major headaches, and that’s why we are committed to fast and reliable service.  Give us a call at 510-635-0111 for all your Oakland industrial metal roof repairs, so we can help with the right solution for your building!

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