Not all Oakland metal roof contractors are the same.  Metal Building Company specializes in installing and repairing metal roofs in Oakland that will last a long time.  We have been around since 1976, and as one of the best metal roof contractors in Oakland CA we have delivered top quality metal roofing repairs and installations for decades.


The Metal Roof Advantage

There are a number of reasons to choose a metal roof, and as the sought after metal roof contractor in Oakland CA, we can help you decide on the right metal roofing application for your building needs.  If your structure is a metal building, a metal roof is obviously the right choice.  But metal roofs have an advantage over other types of roofing as well.  Metal roofs perform well under extreme weather challenges that our area experiences.  You can also rest at ease knowing that steel can be salvaged as a recyclable material.  As your metal roof contractors, we can install a roof that will keep you protected for three decades or more, which is longer than other conventional types of roofing material. 


Roof Repairs

If you are in need of repairs for your current roof, we are the Oakland metal roof contractors who have experience in handling every type of metal roof repair.  We can provide a free inspection to evaluate your roof condition.  From there, we can explain and make any needed repairs.   In addition to repairs, we perform metal roof modifications, including preparing roofs to add solar panels and installing rubber pipe flashings, vents, skylights and custom roof curbs. 


Trusted Experience

Metal Building Company has been serving the Bay Area as the best metal roof contractors for almost 50 years.  In our business, we have gained a reputation for excellence and we value the trust our community gives us.  One of the reasons for our success is that many of our employees have been with us for a long time.  Therefore, we have all the right processes down to a science to deliver the highest quality metal roof repairs quickly and effectively to last you a long time.  We are not generalists.  We are the metal roof contractors in Oakland CA who are solely focused on all aspects of metal buildings—this is what we do.

Give Us A Call

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So if your metal roof needs an inspection, repair, or replacement, call Metal Building Company to serve as your Oakland metal roof contractors (510-635-0111).  We will inspect your metal roof and give you a free estimate of the work to bring it back up to speed!

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