When it’s time for Oakland metal siding installation or repairs, you need to be working with a metal siding company that knows what it’s doing.  Metal Building Company is your go-to partner for metal siding repairs, installation, and modifications.  In fact, we are your source for all things related to metal buildings—our name says it all!


The Metal Building Company Advantage

We have been the trusted provider of Oakland metal siding installations and repairs for over 45 years.  In that time, we have gained the trust and respect of the Bay Area building community.  We are not a construction company from out of town.  We work and live here.  Plus, many of our employees have enjoyed long tenures on our staff.  When you call on Metal Building Company to deliver metal siding installations and repairs in Oakland CA, you get the benefit of a great team that enjoys working together to give our community the very best metal siding installations and repairs.


Metal Siding Installation & Repair Options

Bay Area customers turn to us for every kind of metal siding installation or repair.  We provide metal siding installations in Oakland CA on new buildings.  We also repair existing buildings with new, long-lasting metal siding to replace older, less durable siding materials.  For Oakland metal siding repairs, we will match the existing siding so that your repaired section blends right in.  Along with new installations and metal siding repairs in Oakland CA, we also can modify your building to meet your evolving building needs.  Our team can reconfigure your metal building to let more light in through the addition of new windows, or more access by adding new doors, or more delivery options by adding new rollup doors.  We can do all this and properly modify any support structures.

Give Us A Call

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Oakland metal siding installation is the best choice for businesses and industries in California who want a low maintenance, energy efficient, and cost-effective way to maintain their property.  For your Oakland metal siding installations, modifications, or repairs, you can rely on Metal Building Company.  Call us at 510-635-0111 and let’s get started improving your building today!

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