Business needs change as companies grow, and that’s why our company provides Oakland prefab steel buildings for a wide variety of uses.  Whether your business needs a complex structure for manufacturing or a simple metal workshop, Metal Building Company builds high quality prefab steel buildings in Oakland CA to suit every need.


Why Choose a Steel Building?

Steel buildings have a number of distinct advantages as a building solution.  Our buildings are highly resistant to wind damage, rot, and earthquakes.  Steel is also recyclable, making it a green building product that’s good for people and the planet.  Our prefab steel buildings can be designed to be highly energy efficient, reducing your heating and cooling costs.  In addition, many of our customers have taken advantage of the surface area of their metal roofs by including solar panels, further offsetting their energy needs.


Our Services

We offer a number of metal building services to our customers in Oakland.  We can design, install, and direct your entire building project, saving you the expense of a separate general contractor.  Or, if your Oakland prefab steel buildings are part of a larger construction project, we can work alongside your General Contractor.  In addition to constructing new metal buildings, we also do repairs and modifications of existing metal buildings and install and repair long-lasting metal roofs. 


A Variety of Uses

We serve our customers by designing and installing prefab steel buildings in Oakland CA for a wide variety of building needs.  For starters, our prefab steel buildings can be used for:

• Office buildings of all types of uses

• Wineries to host wine tastings as well as wine storage

• School and college gyms and auditoriums

• Automotive dealerships and mechanic repair shops

• Recycling Facilities

• City Buildings for public use

• Church facilities

• Barns for agricultural use


Proven Excellence

Metal Building Company has been in business for almost 5 decades.  Over time, we have become the area’s trusted source for Oakland’s prefab steel buildings.  Our work has been recognized industry-wide: in the past 20 years we have won Excellence in Design awards six times from American Buildings Company.  Our experienced and dedicated staff has been working together to serve our customers for decades.  Of our job foremen, one has been here for 33 years, and our most recent foreman has worked here for 17 years.  In that time, we have seen, and built, it all!


Give Us A Call

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To find out more about how prefab steel buildings from Metal Building Company can meet your needs, call us at 510-635-0111.  Put us to work on your Oakland prefab steel buildings today!

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