For the long-term protection and up-keep of your building, a San Francisco custom metal roof is one of the smartest investments you can make.  Metal Building Company is your one-stop solution for custom metal roof installations, metal roof repairs, and all things related to metal buildings.


The Custom Metal Roof Advantage

Many customers don’t realize that our custom metal roofs in San Francisco CA can be installed on virtually any type of building, not only on metal frame buildings.  Our metal roofs can be installed on new construction as well as on existing structures needing roof replacement, repair, or building modifications.  Metal roofs are an excellent addition to your building because they are incredibly durable and long-lasting with a typical lifetime of 30 years or more.  Our custom metal roofs are also designed to help protect your building from the elements.  When we install or repair a metal roof, they perform better than other roofing materials because they resist water and wind which are two of the biggest factors in roof decay.  Unlike other roofing materials, metal roofs help mitigate the environmental impact of your building by avoiding the use of toxic and non-recyclable asphalt roofs.  Custom metal roofs also have the advantage of helping you save energy over the life of your roof as metal roofs protect your building against intense radiant heat from the sun.  If you are considering adding solar enegy to power your business, metal roofs can easily be used for mounting solar panels. 


Metal Roof Repairs and Modifications

If you are looking for repairs or need changes completed on your current San Francisco custom metal roof, Metal Building Company is equipped to meet those needs as well.  We have seen our fair share of custom metal roofs in San Francisco that didn’t hold up over time simply because it was not installed correctly by the previous metal building contractor.  This led to premature leaks and even manufacturing downtime that shouldn’t have been happened.  We can and will repair your custom metal roof correctly to give you the maximum benefit from it.  If your business or your tenant changes and you need to adapt your custom metal roof to accommodate new pipes, skylights, HVAC openings, we can make those changes for your custom metal roofs in San Francisco. 

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