When your metal building suffers roof damage, you need a San Francisco industrial metal roof repair that can get you back in business right away.  We at Metal Building Company understand that roof issues can lead to mechanical problems, damaged building interiors, and loss of productivity.  That’s why we have dedicated ourselves to being our region’s leading contractor for industrial metal roof repairs in San Francisco CA for the last 45 years.


Indicators of Roof Problems

While noticeable leaks are a clear sign of roof issues, there are less obvious indicators that you may need industrial metal roof repairs in San Francisco CA.  These include:

•  Corroded metal roof panels

• Rust that degrades your roof’s water protection

• Rattling sounds during windy days

•  Missing or lose flashing

•  Bent or damaged fasteners


The Right Repairs, Right Away

If you have any of these signs of roof problems, we will send our technicians out to evaluate your roof condition and provide a free, detailed estimate of any needed San Francisco industrial metal roof repairs.  Our team has seen, and repaired, every type of roofing problem imaginable.  We’ve fixed leaks big and small, replaced damaged metal roof panels, and repaired large sections of metal roofs after major storm damage.  We have the experience you need to make sure your roof is fixed right the first time. 


San Francisco industrial metal roof repair and more!

Along with our industrial metal roof repairs, we also perform all types of metal roofing improvements.  We can help you with new roof openings for skylight additions, new metal roofing vents, gutters and downspouts, and more.  Metal Building Company specializes in industrial metal roof repair in San Francisco and the entire San Francisco Bay Area.  We also provide construction of new prefabricated metal buildings, metal building repairs, and metal siding installation and repairs.  We have been doing “all things metal building” since the beginning.

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