In San Francisco metal siding installations and repairs require the know-how and experience to make them last.  If that’s what you are looking for, then Metal Building Company is here to meet all your siding and metal building needs.


Metal Siding Installation

Our customers come to us for all types of metal siding installations.  We can install our siding on new buildings, and for existing buildings we can remove old siding to replace with new, long-lasting metal siding.  Our metal siding installation team considers the style and architecture of your building to provide the right fit and look for your needs.  If your project is an existing metal structure, we can also help you reconfigure your building for any new window, door, or rollup door changes you might like to make.


Why Metal Siding?

Why should you choose a metal siding installation in San Francisco CA for your building?  Metal siding is highly resistant to rot, wind damage, and earthquakes.  The steel we use is also recyclable, making it a green building product.  Our siding is also incredibly durable and long-lasting.  We can help you find the right San Francisco metal siding installation solution to last for decades.


San Francisco Metal Siding Repair

If you need to repair your metal siding, we are also here to help.  It may be that your building is older and due for maintenance.  The roof may not have been installed properly and you have weather damage.  Maybe a forklift got a little too cozy with your siding.  However, it just may be that you have issues arising from the improper installation by another metal siding company.  Whatever the situation you face, we offer a free inspection and estimate for your metal siding repair in San Francisco CA.


Trusted Experience

Metal Building Company has been the trusted provider for metal siding installation and metal siding repair in San Francisco CA for over 45 years.  Most of our employees have been with us for over 10 years, and in all those decades, we have seen, installed, and repaired it all! 


Give Us A Call

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If it’s time for your metal siding to be repaired or replaced, please call Metal Building Company today at 510-635-0111.  Let us help you get the most out of your building for years to come.

Metal Siding