Metal Building Company is the Bay Area’s leading contractor for San Francisco prefab steel buildings.  Whether you are constructing a new prefab steel building or need steel building repairs, we are the full-service metal building contractors who do it all!


Why Choose a Metal Building?

Companies and organizations of all types have found that prefab steel buildings are a smart choice for their building needs.  Steel has a number of advantages over other building materials.  Steel buildings are highly resistant to some of the most common building issues in our area like rot, wind damage, and earthquakes.  Our prefab steel buildings are also an environmentally conscious choice.  Steel is recyclable, making it a green building material.  There are also several ways to make prefab steel buildings in San Francisco CA energy efficient, reducing your energy costs over time. 


Prefab Metal Building Uses

Our prefab steel buildings can be used in a wide-variety of industries and settings.  They are ideal for:

  • Manufacturing and Warehouse Facilities
  • Schools and Churches
  • Gymnasiums
  • Community Centers
  • Car Dealerships
  • Office Buildings
  • Barns and Storage Buildings
  • And More!


Metal Building Services We Provide

Metal Building Company is a specialty metal building contractor, and we are able to serve your needs in every aspect of your metal building project.  We can save you money by designing, constructing, and directing your entire prefab steel building project.  Or, if your San Francisco prefab steel buildings are part of a larger project, we will work alongside your General Contractor to make sure the job gets done right.  We also provide metal building repairs and reconfiguration services for existing metal buildings.  We install and repair metal roofs, create new openings for doors, windows and roll-up doors, and repair damage to any part of your existing metal building structure.


The Metal Building Company Difference

We have served customers across the Bay Area for over 45 years.  During the course of our company’s history, our prefab steel buildings in San Francisco CA have been recognized industry-wide.  Six times we’ve won the Excellence in Design award from American Buildings Company.  Our staff has been working together for decades, and in that time we have seen it all, fixed it all, and built it all!  We take great pride in providing the highest quality prefab steel buildings to our customers. 

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