San Jose pre-engineered metal buildings have proven to be the best building choice for growing businesses across many industries.  Metal Building Company is the leading business partner in the greater Bay Area for constructing, designing, repairing, and adapting metal building spaces.  We offer comprehensive metal building contracting services for pre-engineered metal buildings in San Jose CA including:

• Designing your pre-engineered metal building based on your goals

• Constructing your metal building with our own expertly trained staff

• Installing and repairing metal siding and roofs on existing metal buildings

• Modifying and reconfiguring existing metal building spaces to suit new purposes

• Solidifying the structural integrity of pre-engineered metal buildings


Steel: It’s the Smart Choice for Building Materials

The core of pre-engineered metal buildings in San Jose CA is steel, one of the strongest and most durable building materials available.  That strength allows our pre-engineered metal buildings to stand up well against the worst weather and environmental hazards that California has to offer from high winds that can damage roofs and siding, to earthquakes that shake our structures.  Using steel for your pre-engineered buildings gives you faster build times leading to lower labor costs.  It’s also a sustainable building product since much of the steel we use is recycled material which reduces your business’ carbon footprint.  Our San Jose pre-engineered metal buildings can also be energy efficient saving you money every month on heating and cooling bills. 


Metal Building Company: Your Top Choice for Every Aspect of Your Metal Building

We don’t do other types of construction work.  Our sole focus is on pre-engineered metal buildings in San Jose CA that our customers can be proud of.  That’s why we started this busines over 45 years ago.  We wanted to be the area’s leading metal building contractor by giving our clients the best metal building design, construction, and repair work on all of the projects we are hired to take on.  After all, our name says it all.  Metal Building Company is the one to call for all your metal building needs.

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Our San Jose pre-engineered metal building contractors are getting the job done for the businesses in our community.  We would like you to be our next satisfied customer!  Contact us today and talk to our team about how a pre-engineered metal building in San Jose CA can meet your building needs.  Call us at 510-635-0111, and we’ll help you start building for your future today!

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